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Original gardening gifts – great timepieces at great prices

Enchanting outdoor clocks can look lovely in a garden or other type of outdoor space, but they need to have a long-lasting finish if they're going to withstand British weather. Beautifully designed outdoor clocks, available to buy through Avocado Stone, are well made and durable, making them excellent gifts: unique gardening gifts that can last a lifetime. 

This charming Vintage Small Clock's frame is made from mild steel (with a long-lasting finish).

Outdoor clocks that won't let you down

Common problems people complain about after purchasing outdoor clocks are reliability and visibility. As pleasing as they are to the eye, so many clocks simply don't keep time and they easily mist up in wet or humid weather, making it nigh on impossible to tell the time, not just from a distance but up close. An accumulation of water droplets behind the glass can also be infuriating, affecting timekeeping as well as the clock's clarity of display.

Add elegance and style (with a well-made piece of precision engineering)

The solution is to spend a little more, and to do your homework on outdoor clocks before you buy. Avocado Stone can supply outdoor clocks consumers can rely on to work great, as well as look great. The timepieces we offer, as attractive and original gardening gifts, are elegant as well as being expertly constructed, with a thorough approach applied in the design and clock-building process. It's about serious, correct design and engineering going on 'in the background' to make sure that the fun and charming-looking finished result won't let purchasers down.

An outdoor clock to complement your existing garden features

The most popular types of outdoor clocks with people across the UK are undoubtedly those in retrospective designs. Consumers simply LOVE them. Perhaps because their enduring look perfectly complements other garden features, like stone ornaments and statues (resting angels, St Francis, Buddha, Lover's Kiss figurines...), water fountains, exquisite lighting, and other decorative garden inclusions.

Bring a touch of 'je ne sais quoi' to your garden with this enchanting outdoor Paris Clock. People everywhere adore the oval shape.

Outdoor clocks available to buy from us as original gardening gifts can also be mounted in interior areas, of course. How about a lovely vintage outdoor clock in your orangery, conservatory, glasshouse or other covered place towards the back of your house (or even your workplace premises), where a garden feel has been either determinedly or subtly created?

Enjoy browsing our varied outdoor clocks range, and the simply choose the most suitable design for your garden. Once delivered and mounted on your garden wall, it will probably seem to you and your family that it has always been there!

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