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Transform your garden, with one simple addition. WOW.

Avocado Stone is delighted to offer you a broad range of outdoor mirrors – unique gardening gifts drawn from an amazingly diverse assortment of original styles and unusual designs. For people seeking to cast light into dark corners of external areas, well-made and aesthetically pleasing mirrors are absolutely the ideal solution. And with more than a smidgeon of quirkiness being thrown into the design mix here, a fascinating touch of intrigue is what you get for your money, too. Imagine that.

As well as gifts for gardeners, we also have available to buy indoor mirrors, and mirrors with draws, which can add a lovely rustic feel to a bathroom or outdoor setting. Check out Arch Shuttered Mirror With Draw. It would look good in any garden in the world, wouldn't it? So, why not include it in your outdoor area at home sometime soon? (Before the neighbours beat you to it!).

Even better, our mirrors are usually made from recycled wood and glass, making them environmentally-friendly pieces – easy on the eye/easy on the planet. Excellent.


Garden mirror magic

 A mirror positioned permanently in an outdoor setting needs to be as sturdy and durable as it's great to look at, of course. Don't worry. All our outdoors mirrors come with a weather- resistant finish and are made to last. That means you can give them as gardening gifts, with confidence.

Garden designers across the UK are increasingly making garden mirrors a must-include, due to their burgeoning popularity with people around the country. The mirrors not only look good, but also serve other purposes in outdoor settings: helping to conjure a bigger sense of space, as well as serving as a strong focal point (that the rest of a garden design can often be created around in an interesting and complementary way, with ease).

Lovers out there, mirrors from us can even be used to create a feeling of romance! Take one look at this heart-shaped mirror to see exactly what we mean.


Boost light, add intrigue, create a new perspective...

So many home-owners complain of never having enough light in their gardens – a particular problem in built up areas/inner city locations where gardens tend to be smaller and often overshadowed by tall buildings. Correct positioning of a garden mirror can help boost any available reflected light within a small-to-medium outdoor space. Moreover, there's something incredibly captivating about an outdoor mirror and how it can magically cast light and colour in any size of garden, helping to give the area character, excitement and a special feel all of its own.


Unique gardening gifts for those seeking something original, unusual

With our garden mirrors being easy to clean and solid but without being too heavy to move around and re-position whenever you want to, they can also make great gardening gifts for family and friends, especially when you’re struggling to come up with something super to give as a unique present to someone you care about.

Well, there's plenty there for you to sit back and (ahem) reflect upon... Enjoy browsing our range, and then simply place your order!



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