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High quality lighting products (with a twist!)

Here at Avocado Stone we're immensely proud of our outdoor lighting range – an eclectic selection of unique gardening gifts and original items for the home, including beeswax candles all the way from Mexico, candle holders, lanterns, stem tea light holders, and other pieces in designs that 'break the mould' whilst still being beautiful to look at – awesome on the eye, in fact. And we don't just 'do' unusual and quirky. Here you'll also find traditional, vintage and conservatively subtle designs, magical creations from different corners of the globe, and captivating lighting pieces in mosaic designs (don't miss those).


Handmade outdoor lighting options

Outdoor lighting, done well, can be breath-taking, helping to create a delightfully charming ambience in gardens of different sizes and in other external areas. It can also play a role in the conception and realisation of a particular theme. Take this Kashmir Classic Silver Lanterne for example, which is hand-made from punched mild steel and the ideal outdoor light for people wanting to fashion an Indian theme from scratch, or who are maybe looking to further accentuate their existing design.


Something for everyone

As we've seen, not all our outdoor lights possess a determinedly classic look with an antique finish (a finish that's weather-proof and long-lasting). We also have available to buy modern-looking products, such as these  Triangle Stainless Lanterns made from high quality stainless steel, which effortlessly convey a cool and contemporary look. As well as being weather- and rust-resistant, they can be easily added to most garden designs, their triangular form agreeably complementing other features already in place, or as an interesting additional shape perhaps?

Note: Candles are not normally included.


Atmospheric lighting you and your guests will LOVE

Nowadays, beautiful outdoor lighting is a must-have when the garden party season comes around. And if you're seeking to create a romantic atmosphere in your garden, candlelit outdoor lanterns and other types of light can help conjure the perfect mood.

But it's not 'just' about atmosphere, ambience and all the rest of it, is it? At Avocado Stone we understand that sometimes you need excellent outdoor lighting as a practical solution but without opting for a battery- or electricity-powered answer to a lighting problem that badly needs solving, and fast. Don't fret! You'll find plenty of practical options amongst our range.  In fact, it would be quicker for us to tell you what our lighting selection doesn't include!



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