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Beautifully designed pieces that offer aid to our majestic friends

Offering a safe haven for our airborne friends, the products in our Just for Birds section can help to bring some life to your garden, literally!

A mutually beneficial friendship can be formed quite easily between humans and birds, with us supplying them with somewhere to rest their wings and fill their bellies, and the birds providing us with lively songs and heart-warming visual displays.

At Avocado Stone we understand the need for durable outdoor bird products like feeders, and the brackets to fit them where required. A hanging feeder gives a rustic feel to the garden, whilst removing the difficulty and bulkiness of building bird tables.

Gatherer’s garden

As well as giving your garden a quirky feel and look that will be appreciated by art lovers and outdoor enthusiasts alike, our bird feeders and other outdoor bird products can be beneficial for the many ecosystems that often go unseen in the outdoor environment. The admirable sight of a mother bird bringing food to her babies is one of beauty that could really change your outlook on the day. 

Who would have thought it? The addition of an outdoor bird feeder could in fact bring so much more than just an out of the ordinary decorative element to your garden.

Peaceful seating

Why not add a mindful place to sit and enjoy the wildlife to your garden with one of our outdoor chairs from the home and garden category? Whichever way you choose to enjoy your garden space; you can be sure it will look lovely with something from Avocado Stone.  

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