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From Classic Doorstops To Quirky Ones

When it comes to the humble doorstop, they have come a very long way since way back when they were created to prevent a door from opening too widely or as a device used to prevent a door from closing. The first doorstops were created in either basic wood or metal and in later years they were made from rubber, plastic and cotton or they may also have been a small bracket that had a 90 degree angle applied to the frame of a door…..(YAWN). Okay readers, shall we skip the rather dull history (and frankly lacking in interesting facts) lesson on doorstops and move onto the good stuff…that is Avocado Stone’s simply genius range of British woodland animal themed doorstops for the home!

Our doorstop collection includes a round-up of some of the most well-loved and popular little British creatures like some rather cheeky looking rabbits, angelic squirrels, impossibly cute hedgehogs, fetching little foxes, dogs and cats. There’s also some very cute, large eared elephants, which admittedly don’t quite fit the British woodland genre, but nonetheless are a super duper addition to the Doorstop range.

The Quirkier, The Better!

Visit any garden centre, gift shop, furniture or department store and you will find plenty of shelf space being given over to the fantastic doorstop.  The great British public are going simply crazy for all manner of themed doorstops and the quirkier and more original, the better!  A house is not complete without one of these delightful doorstops to prop open your doors.  Not to mention our doorstops will make a thoughtful AND functional gift that will be loved for many years to come.

Shop online at Avocado Stone or find our eclectic range of doorstops at some of the UK biggest and best retailers and individual gifts shops across the UK.

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