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Well-made timepieces, always packaged carefully. Promise!

Now, charming outdoor clocks with long-lasting finishes are easier to find, thanks to Avocado Stone. We understand that when purchasing a clock for outdoor use as a unique gardening gift, you need it to be durable as well as working perfectly and looking great. And you don't want the clock face misting up, or water droplets collecting behind the glass after a downpour or even a light drizzle, right? It's OK. We totally get it! That's why we only stock outdoor clocks that are expertly made from strong materials (but without them conveying a kind of soulless, functional or even industrial feel).

Take this Kensington Wooden Square Clock Large It's a winner with people up and down the country seeking to add a 'touch of London' to their garden or other type of outdoor space. It's available to buy from us in Small, too, making it a delightful and original gardening gift for any lucky recipient.


Outdoor clocks to suit all garden designs

With garden clocks, it's all about hitting upon the right blend of beauty and strength – a balance our varied selection of garden clocks strikes perfectly. So, what style of clock for your garden are you particularly looking for? Or perhaps you're new to all this and are only just learning about all the different options?

A common request we receive (and fulfil) is for outdoor clocks in a determinedly vintage or classic style, but these aren't the only designs we offer. Take this  Paris Oval Clock which can be a brilliant addition to a garden, other type of verdant external space, or how about in an orangery, conservatory or dedicated winter outdoor spot? The oval shape somehow gives this battery- operated timepiece an intriguing look combined with a determinedly rustic feel, whilst still being fully weather resistant. Blimey!


Why garden clocks make ideal gifts

If you're struggling to think of something different to give a family member, friend or maybe a colleague this year as an original gift for the garden, a garden clock from Avocado Stone could be just the thing. What's great about outdoor clocks is that their moderately countrified design can suit just about any garden, amplifying an existing rural feel there whilst simultaneously adding elegance and style. They're also designed so that their clock faces (numbers, roman numerals, hands etc) won't be a struggle to read from afar, by the way; in case you were worrying about missing out on 3pm tea and custard creams?!

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